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Last Updates: 27.01.2008 (Pics)
Meaning of life: is not to live but to die (c)

Wallpapers-section updated!=))

New fun video! Petri in sauna! =))
You can see it here or download from here!

At Exsecratus myspace page you can listen to the new bands song "Under The Winter Moon" featuring Petris vocals

English version is online!=))

Norther will perform at Metal Elite Cruise Festival on 3 of October, 2007. Festival will take place at this beautiful ship. More information you can get here.

Updates: Winamp Skins & Video.

Updates: Wallpapers.

Great news! Norther will go to the Astia studio in August\September of this year to record a new album! The album will be produced by Anssi Toi oli taydellinen. Vedetaan uudestaan. Kippo

Norther have confirmed their participation in Metal Elite Cruise Festival. This festival will take place at 200-meter liner M/S Galaxy, which can contain more than 2500 of crazy metal-heads. Liner goes in 2 days cruise on 3 of October, 2007.
Also at this festival will perform such bands as: DEADLOCK (GER), ENTWINE (FIN), MANZANA (FIN), ULTRA MAYHEM (FIN), FOR SELENA AND SIN (FIN).

Pics-section updated!

Video-section updated!

It has became known that at Russian gigs Norther will have such support bands as DARZAMAT (PL) and ILLNATH (DEN).

A few days ago it became known that Norther wont play at Rock Palace in Saint-Petersburg this summer on 28/07/2007.
And today it has became known that band is gonna visit Russia with a few gigs. More over, the first NORTHER's gig will be in Moscow!!

23 of November 2007 - Saint Petersburg, Port Club
24 of November 2007 Moscow, Tochka club

Petri is a traveler! Not a long time ago Petri finished a big tour with Ensiferum and right after it new Norther tour was announced! (October\November of this year) This tour consists of 20 gigs; support bands AMORAL (FIN) and DRONE (GER). Unfortunately, Russia is out of list. Information about all tour gigs you can find here.

Who wants to hear Petris clean vocals?=))
Song Released (clean and funny version), performed by Kride and Petri.
File size: 3.8 mb
Download and have fun!=))

New live video NORTHER.
Live video of C.U.S, from last bands EP, was recorded on 02/03/2007 at the gig in Gloria club in HELLsinki.)
it is!

Latest promotional pics you can find here.

Norther are the best!!!
EP No Way Back is at 1st place in Finnish music charts this week! Lets take pleasure in together with Norther!

The new bands EP No Way Back will be released on 14 of February, 2007.

It will consist of 5 songs:
1. Frozen Angel
2. C.U.S.
3. No Way Back
4. Reach Out
5. Close Your Eyes

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